Administration and data test?

Question:i have been selected to attend an interveiw for the position of data entry administrator. The letter states that i will have to take an administration and data skills test of 30 minutes. Does anyone know what kind of questions may be asked? Or if it will be a practical thing? Or does anyone have any idea of what such kind of tests are comprised of? Thanks...

He hon, it will likely consist of computer test to test your inputting skills. They sit you on a pc and start an automatic test thingy that will give you 5 mins to enter as much data as you can with fewest keying errors. Accuracy is more important than speed. If you tell them that they will LOVE you lol

Another form of PC test that is comon is one that tests your Word and Excel skills

Other than actual PC tests which are generally pretty easy to pass, you may get a form to fill in. It will have questions like "which word is the correct spelling" and also maths equations like 37 x 11 which you must work out in your head.

They just wana make sure you got your head screwed on and that you live up to what your CV is saying.

You'll be fine, Just make sure you get an early nights sleep the night before your interview, and be yourself - never rehearse what you are going to say because you will sound like a robot.

Good Luck! :p
For data entry they will probably test you on your computer skills. They will put you through a series of test susing the keyboard. Be prepared to use the ENTIRE keyboard. They look for wpm and at which accuracy.
Oh yeah usually during testing you will not have access to the backspace key :)
Its better to not rush through it and get a better accuracy rate than to try to do it as fast as you can.
Most likely to be a data entry test with pre designed set of data to test your keyboard skills and reading ability.

Just relax, and you will do just fine.

Above all don't worry about any mistakes, as you cannot use the delete button. They're looking for speed and accuracy!
I would assume that you would be asked to take a practical test. Data entry requires accuracy, so they need to know that you can be accurate.

Also possible that it may include a physco-analysis test, they are becoming more popular now. Your potential new employer will want to know that you are up to the job.

Whatever the test, take your time, read any questions fully, and good luck!
Well the data skills test will involve you having to enter data. They will be testing you for speed and accuracy. As for the interview it will consist of standard job interview questions - e.g. why do you want this job, what skills can you bring to this job, where do you hope to be in 5 years time, etc, etc.

Good Luck - I hope you get the job!!

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