Amn't is not it?

Question:Amn't I correct in saying that "amn't" is not a word. Every time I correct someone's grammar they say it is a word..."it's been made official and all". And then some of the others say it isn't official but is accepted by most as a correct word in the English language (if that makes any sense).

Any factual answers for me?

"amn't" is not a word. Nor is it accepted as correct by anyone.

Trivia: The actual contraction of "am not" is "ain't".
Would you say, "I'm here, amn't I?" or would you say, "I'm here, am I not?"
I've heard of "ain't", of course, but I have NEVER heard or read "amn't" before your question.

It actually makes more sense, syntactically, than "ain't" - but no, it's not correct.
It wasn't when I was growing up and I still haven't seen it in any recognised dictionary (OED), but the English language being the (unfortunately!) fluid thing it is, it may well be. As "words" go though, it sounds rather ugly to me.

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