Are you doing the IB ( International bacalareate ) diploma program ??

Question:If so can you please write down how hard it is and how challenging it is ?? My age is 15 and I will be starting this diploma program after 1 months...I'm not so intelligent im not that smart , since:: do you think IB is suitable for me ?? thx

IB is indeed an accelerated program, but it is not all TOO challenging. In IB, you have to write long essays that are graded a little harder than what you might be used to. I also believe you have to take an epistomology class a.k.a. a theory of knowledge course, at least in my high school you had to. IB is all about pushing yourself. You get more homework, but it wasn't the 3 hours of homework a day the classes older than mine said. In the end, i believe it is worth it, it prepares you for college and adjusting to it will be easier.

In response to Linsa- Colleges DO care about IB, it is considered the gold standard and will set you apart from most students. Granted, you get to do very little electives, but by doing IB, you show responsibility which gets you noticed by colleges along the likes of president of a club, a varsity player and so forth. IB does NOT hinder your social life, the most it will do is take away one weekend. My biggest essay (5000 words, around 18 pages) took only a weekend to do, and i was given a year to complete it. In fact, senior year is the year i became most social. I went to school, went to work for a few hours, hung out at my friends place until 11, came home and slept. Did my homework in the morning before class, and still managed to maintain a 95 average. It's all about time management and priorities. You can have a good time, but you still have to get your work done.
My school offers the IB program. I'm 15 too but I haven't entered. I've heard that it is very hard and people say that it really is a waste of time and effort because colleges don't care. For example, in Central High School of Philly, the top of the 07' graduating class wasn't in IB and he got accepted into better colleges than MOST of the IB scholars.

In our school, the IB students spend advisory writing essays and they have to follow the same schedule with the same students all day for 2 straight years. Also taking the IB program doesn't allow you to take electives.

Also, you can't have much of a social life.

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