Are you good in school?

Question:I almost failed last year. I got a D+ in just about every subject except for Social Studies, Writing, and Gym. What are your grades like in school?

well i just got my results from my exams the other day, i was very disappointed, i got 2 B's, a C, a D , an E and two F's

needless to say im going back next year to repeat them, i thought i would do better that that!
I was always a 3.0 gpa, but math was a hassle.
theyre pretty okay. i struggled in chemistry honor tho. i got a B+ =[. so close. but its okay. we can try harder this year!
I do good in school. On my last report card, I only got 1 C. My other grades were A's and B's.
Yea ...pretty much As and Bs ...this year is gonna be tough though cause i chose some hard honor classes ;)
A s B s and C s
sorry sweetheart i graduated from phillip morris colledge magna com laudi with a masters in theology.
i'm doing okay but i don't stress myself, the point of school is to teach you something not to get you good grades

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