Ive told u b4...stop putting my number up
do you want me to call you?
are you wanting people to call you.
tolld ya i'll call ya later ok.lol
I think 32 comes next.
07976920961 -gay exchange
I'd say this is a mobile phone number. Does that answer the question?
i have just tried , a woman answered
DO u have a brain some where in your body. Oh i know. PLZ be careful when u sit some where. The brain will get damaged.
OH NO, im trying to ring you but your phones engaged...must be cos everyone else is trying, ill call u back when your free-----honestly !!!
Hello.. It 's STD call!
Take it what ever way you want ^-^
expect this number to be spread around huddersfield, leeds and bradford by next week, for phone 'services' if you get what i mean. expect calls from dirty old men asking what colour panties you've got on and what you are doing right now hehe.

lol j/k
I'm taking it you need friends lol, why post your number on a questions page? weird lol.

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