"Speak" by laurie anderson summer reading?

Question:i read the book and i mean i really went over it but i am really doubting myself in the answers i have for the report i have to do

the essay is about:
What are Melinda's internal and external problems, and how does that relate to the central conflict?

i get the internal and external part.
but i have 2 ideas for the central conflict, one is the central conflict is the rape, and the other is the central conflict is melindas isolations from people around her.

i have already started the essay with the rape idea, but i need to know if this is the right idea because i have 2 weeks until school.

and another thing i know what a thesis statement if i am just not good and putting one together that would sound right with all the questions being asked.
any idea on a thesis statement addressi

Hey, you know they made a movie to Speak right? HBO and LIFETIME, get up on that.
She struggling with the fact that everyone in her school hates her cause she called the cops, no one knows aobut her rape, and her x bf if dating her rapist.

IDK about these I read that book when i was in like 8th grade, watch the movie.

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