Anyone who goes to a Christian school?

Question:I go to a public high school right now and I don't like it that much. My mom said that if I still don't like it at the end of the year, she'd let me go to a Christian school.

Anyone who goes to a private Christian school, can you tell me what its like & what some of the pros & cons are?

Thank you=]

i went to a Christian secondary school and but it wasnt private therefor it was free (thats the way it work in England) and basically because discipline was slightly higher people ended up getting better grades. going to a christian school however does not make everyone christian i found the older the year the less christians there were as a lot of people were "christian" only because there parents took them to church at the beginning. they wont try and brain wash you or anything although i ant speak for everyschool, there will probably be the odd beginning of term church meeting.
its nice if you are a christian to be around other christians who can encourage you in your faith, im not saying there wont be the same peer pressure things like sex and drugs but there will be more people who are dont agree with that and so you wont be an outcast if you dont want to be pressured into things. generally alongide a christian school comes christian morals and they are quite nice for good relationships and a better behaived bunch of people. it doesnt make it a bore though its just a nicer atmosphere
I used to go to Christian School when I was five years old. Christian Schools are not really my type. I would rather go to Public Schools.
um i go to a christian school and i moved there in 8th grade. I love it compared to public school and there isnt that much different accept you learn about God and there are less bad influences there
I went to Catholic schools my whole life until college. I loved it, and wouldn't have wanted it any different. I hope to send my children to catholic schools.
IMO, religious schools offer better education, better values, and better students than a lot of public schools.
i am grateful to be raised in private schools,

and i am still attending a private university,

you pretty much get a lot of attention from the teachers, which could be a good thing or a bad thing,

but everyone seems really down to earth,

and don't worry about be being "conformed" into a good little Christian girl, they encourage you to make your own decisions,

i've been in Catholic school my entire life, but i am still agnostic, and possibly searching for a religion to call my own...
nope i dont go to christian skool

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