About Math?

Question:Describe your feelings about math, rate your math anxiety, and describe what coping mechanisms might be helpful to you and others.

i love math. the only way for a person to even come close to liking math is they have to understand it. a lot of reasons why people do not like math is because they dont understand it. math is a universal language and it can not be memorized. knowing how numbers work will make you enjoy it more. dont ask will i ever need this? or what is the point of this? because it will only make you even more mad. instead ask, why does that number move? or carry over? or be subtracted? then with those type of questions you will understand more, and not hate math so much...hope that helps
f math
It's "maths", as in mathematics, not mathematic
Love it, love it, love it. Math is just a game. when you approach it as such, it makes it much easier. Most of what kills people with math is they "put up a wall" saying to themselves "I can't do it! I don't get it! I'll never understand it! It is too hard!". But really, math is a part of your every day life. No matter what you do, there is no escaping it. So you have to learn to like it, and make a game of it. And the formulas, they are just the "rules" of the game. So dont let it freak ya, just go with it. :)

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