Any high school tips?

Question:im nervous mostly about my grades becuase i know its going to get hard and im going crazy lol
or just any tips about high school {guys,freinds ect} that could help


Lol don't worry, is it your first year? well on your first day always try to smile, this way u will attract people to become ur friends. about grades they do get harder, but nothings hard in life, i recomend u read over everything you do at school every night to keep it in your memory for the big exams coming up. Good luck everything will be fine.
if your going into your freshman year, don't worry about it, it is the easiest year of your highschool career.
This is going to be my sophmore year and you will be fine. I was all nervous and freaked out about my grades and school and getting to class on time everything that you would be worring about your first day. You just got to relax and when you do got to study take your time and dont rush. As long as you study, listen to the teacher and take good notes you will do fine. Also if you arent doing good in a class go for extra help and show the teacher that you really want to do better. They will understand and help you the best they can. So relax take five deep breathes before you go and you will be fine. Good luck and do good in school. :)
Don't worry about it. Freshman year's pretty easy if you pay attention and work hard. Another thing is schedule your time out. Make time for friends and school. Don't mix them (I did that and I probably won't stop, but from my experience it took me forever to finish my homework and I went at least 3 nights without any sleep at all. I'm going into my sophomore year). Also, be friendly and join clubs or teams. This will help you on meeting new people. Don't be afraid to ask your teachers for help either. This will help you out a lot. Another thing is that you'll want to make friends with your teachers. Talk to them just for no reason and ask about what they like to do and their hobbies or whatever. It helps and it makes it easier to talk to your teachers. Anyways, GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN! :D
Okay, well I'm giving you some tips that i really wish someone gave me before high school.

1) Old Friends:
Don't be astonished when you realize that you no longer hang out with your old friends from elementary school, people change, i mean people really change, they can make school loads harder by spreading rumor's, talking about you behind your back, and bulling you, If this dose happen, don't act like it bothers you, if you act like it dose, they have succeeded and will continue to bother you, they want to see you upset so don't give them reaction, now is the time in life where you realize who your real friends are, and who they obviously aren't.

2) Boys:
A lot of boys that were at your school all changed, they're taller, and probably even cuter than before.
When you see a cute boy don't stare at him like a stalker, its okay to drool over a cute one, but do try to drool over him in private. He might catch you staring and think your a total creeper.
Some boys can be mean to you, but don't worry this usually means that they like you, try to shake it off, but if it dose get to serious, do not hesitate to tell a teacher.
Boys don't like girls who pile on the make up, it makes them think "Gosh, what dose she need all that make-up for?? what is she hiding under there?!"

3) You Yourself:
Be hygienic, (deodorant,showers,body spray etc)
Don't change yourself for anyone, be yourself, don't be fake just to fit in
Don't worry, about it, be confident, and you should be fine.

What ever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.

Good Luck, and God Bless!
Freshman year is all chill but do good still the most important years is 10th and 11th grade.
I just told this to someone else who asked the same question:

Here goes:

Without being too much of a snob, surround yourself with people who think as you do.

Try to steer clear of troublemakers and goof-offs. This doesn't mean you need to ignore these people or stick your nose up at them, just don't let these people suck you in to their style of learning.

Take courses that you're going to get something out of and you're sure you will be excel at. Both guys and ladies can take shop and automotive classes these days. There's no harm in learning a bit of both.

Good Luck!
ok for your grades i would tell u just listen to what teacher say and u wont do homework and so u dont get mistreated just be confident and never ever let some one push you over what ever the reason or u will always get pushed
U will smoke u will drink even though u think u wont u will.
Dont b shy with guys go after wht u wnt we'd rather have it tht way.
Get ur name out ther and go hook up wit the first good lookin guy/grl tht make some eye contact with u. (dosent have to b the head cheerleader or the varsity qb jus go use some1)
GL wit ur frosh yr. follow these steps n u'l b great!
don't worry so much for your freshmen year. like everyone is is one of the easiest year. grades aren't THAT important your freshmen year (of course you have to pass your classes but don't stress too much). When you apply for college, they mostly look @ your sophomore-senior year grades. i was super nervous my first time in high school, but everything was great.

stay away from high school drama! aka the girls! high school should be the best 4years of your life! so don't let some dumb girls ruin that for you like some did for me.

& the guys @ my school are pricks. they just try too hard to act "hard". & that gets really annoying.

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