Am I eligible for UC Berkeley?

Question:Well, here's my little stress about college again. Anyway, I'm a senior in high school, my reach school is UC Berkeley, and my current profile is as the following:
GPA: 3.75~4.0
SAT I combined score: 2020
SAT subject tests: not taken yet, but plan to take Math II and Chinese. (Expecting at least 700 from each.)
Extracurriculars: Volleyball (3 years), Basketball (a year), Drama (a year), MUN (2 years including the coming one), self-formed band (2 years going on to 3), and Photography (a year).
APs: Stats (score of 4), Calc, Eng Lang and Comp (both currently)
Honors: US Literature 11
Nationality: China (Taiwan), Canada yeah that's pretty much it. Assuming that is my full profile, how am I doing compared with others who are applying to UCB as well?

Hi there,

Senior here, graduating this December from UCB. I recommend you look at this website: for a wealth of helpful college admissions advice. There are many threads geared specifically for gauging one's chances, as well as a board specifically for Berkeley hopefuls like yourself. It's a terrific resource. But I myself can tell you that many factors go into the Berkeley admissions process, and certainly there's a bit of luck involved wherever a large talent pool of students is concerned. The most recent freshman classes had an average GPA at around 4.2, so I stress that you continue your hard work and keep up that grade point as best as you can. Dedicate yourself to those extracurriculars as well. Your SAT I score is fair enough; not stellar, but certainly in Berkeley's range so it won't keep you out. I'm going to be honest and tell you that your Asian ethnicity is going to make it tough for you because the university has a large population of Asian American students and is of late attempting to increase enrollment of underrepresented minorities as well. But obviously you shouldn't let this hinder you; do your best, because that's all that any of us can do in end! Tip: Don't apply as EECS major unless you are absolutely set on engineering, because the admissions standards are killer in this area. Just remember that the university you end up at does not dictate your future success.

I wish you the best in your academic career, wherever you may end up. May you find a university that will make you a happy and knowledgeable person.
Hello There!

Wow! You sound like one hardworking young person! I wish you all the best.

Unfortunately, nobody has a crystal ball to see what will happen, and that is what would be needed!

There are so many factors involved in the student selection for college, that only someone who is highly involved in the student selection process for each individual school can answer this question.

Your academics appear GREAT!

So sorry I can't answer your question outright, but you seem like such an impressive young adult that I simply have to say "Congradulations and Good Luck! I hope you make it!"

What a stressfull time for you. May you have great luck and a brilliant future.
Good job...

I don't know how others are doing. But I can offer you a couple points of advice...

1. Write a great personal statement. Make sure you emphasize what is important to you, what makes you unique, special, and valuable. Generally, that would mean your goals and aspirations. Your extracurricular activities may also come into play.

Get a lot of people to look over it and offer constructive criticism and feedback. If you have overcome hardship to make it to where you are, you may write about that. The personal statement is what will either set you apart from everyone else or make you look like a number. So take time and care when writing it, and don't be afraid to revise it.

2. Apply undeclared. It gives you a better chance of getting in, and you can declare a major after admission, if you are admitted.

Other than that, do your best, and apply to lots of colleges! Hope you make it in!

May God bless you.

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