Are grades in high school such as B- and B+ still count as a 3.0 GPA??

Question:My mom says that B+ is a higher GPA than B-, but my friends and THEIR moms say that B- and B+ are BOTH 3.0's does not matter on the - or + but by the letter B- and B+ is always a 3.0, and C-/C+ is always a 2.0, etc

Yes. In high school B- and B+ are the same thing. Only in college does minuses and pluses matter. A B- in high school only means that you managed to pull your grade up from a C in time. A B+ means that you were close to an A. Other than that they both count as a 3.0.
Well, that would depend on your school. Ask your school counselor or an older student there.

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