Anyone else nervous about getting GCSE Results?

Question:Is anyone else nervous about getting their GCSE Results?
When do you get your results?
What are you planning to do next year?
What do you want to do for a career?

Nervous? No not really but after being made to wait for 2 months I'd like to know.
Sixth form is my next step in life. Im staying at my school sixth form. Apparently those who stay in school sixth form perform better. How? and in what? I dont know!
i want to go on and get a degree sumwhere in the social science field or medical science.
But all i really wanna be is rich and successful. What can one person ask for really?
Wishing you all the best for your results with One week to go!
No but I know people who are getting theirs. On the 23rd.
why would anyone these days worry about the results? you are all guaranteed all passes these days - usually A's!!!
A little, but as long as I get science, maths and DT thats alright cuz those are the ones I want to so in 6th form.

Bring on the forensic science! x
Everyone gets their results on the 23rd of August.
I'm so nervous about getting the GCSE results. I would probably get an A* or A in Maths, and BB in Double Science at least. The rest of the other grades will be A to C's. But I will get a D in Art.
Next year I would be in College/Sixth form doing A Levels in Maths and the Sciences. So this means it will lead me towards university.

Good luck everyone on your GCSE results! :)

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