Air Force, or Medicine/Law?

Question:ok, my dad wants me to get into Air Force but I want to get into Medicine/Law... I'm confused, help me, which one is better? tell me the facts

THX =]

First look carefully at this web site then ask your father if he wants you to live a happy normal life. There is a serious war/massacre going on right now and you need to decide if you want to live with at best permanent mental damages. Your father is not aware of how many people are being killed and mentally/physically disabled. If you value your life I recommend anything over any military right now. Even if there wasn't a war military life is very hard and you have to be really ready for the physical and mental demands they will put you through. Law can make you a lot of money and medical can too but I don't recommend it if you have a weak stomach they get you prepared for what you could see and real people being hurt is a lot worse than what its like in the movies.

What MOS are you looking at in the Air Force/ You can do medicne or law if you come in with the correct background..

Medicine and/ or law is quite a spread. Why do you want those areas?

What do YOU want and why?
I would go with medicine / law. Personally, I am going the medicine path. You can help the country not only in the army but also as a doctor.
The military is usually a choice for people who can't or don't want to go to college. The question to ask yourself is - are you willing to risk your life to serve in the military just because that is what your father thinks is a good idea? If he wants to risk his life, let him join. Don't do it out of a sense of obligation or to make your parents happy.

My opinion - go to college. You will be very unhappy on the lousy military pay and the control they have over your every move. Sounds like your dad wants someone to have control over you since he doesn't anymore. I doubt he likes the "opportunities". Don't believe the military commercials on TV. It is hard work, 12 - 16 hour days, lousy pay, and in general you won't get any marketable skills. Go to college!

Edit: By the way, you can't just walk into the military and practice medicine or law. You would have to serve a long time to get selected for the military to pay for law school or medical school. Usually lawyers and doctors come into the military with their degrees, they don't usually go to military schools.

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