Anyone who knows about the grapevine (tieing someone to tree without rope, chain, etc) please help!?

Question:I haven't tried it, but I've heard what happens when your leg cramps up. People say that when your leg cramps up you fall backwards and kill yourself or at the very least critically injure yourself. Can someone explain to me how this is possible? If you just fell back, wouldn't you just fall on your back?

Oh wow, you dont wanna believe everything you hear,
Cramps can indeed be very very painful, completely disabilitating in fact.
But the way you fall , if you fall, is as random as a non cramped person.

You might like to consider what is causing these cramps. Thats probably a more fruitful line of action.
Happy relaxation and soft landings
I believe you cramp up pretty bad to the point you might wish you were dead.

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