Another school is Banning "TAG".?


And we wonder why our kids are getting fat. They aren't allowed to do anything that they should be doing and yet parents let them do other things they shouldn't like watching voilent TV and video games.

What would be the process for a school to impose this kind of ban and how could a parent stop it. Or what kind of options do you have if you don't agree with a ban of this sort.

That's where school board elections come in. We turn up our noses at such a mundane election, yet, it affects what happens to our children for the better part of 8 hours a day.

Immediately, the solution is the school board. Appeal to them and organize your fellow school parents to petition the board. It may not change anything for now, but remind them that, come election time, they can change almost anything they want by electing the right people.

The principle culprit here is most likely the insurance company that handles the liabilty insurance. With a new school board, set up a super fund to self insure for liabilty and then tell the insurance company to take a hike! The more independent you make your school system, the more you are free to do it your way. This is true for all our local political organizations. Remember, it's your tax dollar, spend your way.
School has banned everything. I am surprised they havent banned yahoo. and that is kinda mean what you said about kids
the school here is banning skateboards on all school property. I dont get it either...
I've thought a lot about this ban since I heard about it on the news. It seems that the school is not banning it because of any physical dangers such as tripping or smacking. It sounded as if the ban was imposed to cut down on the taunting, teasing and even the occassional bullying and ostracizing that comes with the game.
I guess the recess staff would have to be trained to intervene quickly if any teasing starts, which, I believe is almost normal for this game. Doesn't, "Ha, ha, you can't get me." almost seem like a natural taunt?
If the ban is at your school, ask the principal or superintendent if early intervention by the recess monitors or a character initiative plan for the children may be a better response than banning tag.
omg I thought you meant the body spray, but thats rediculous. Thats the most moranic thing I have ever heard. How can you ban a simple childs game thats been around forever? its like a part of growing up playing tag. god some people are just so stupid. what willl they ban next jump rope?
You mean tag body spray?!?

Why on earth would they do that?

I mean at least that they are using it right the only thing that should be band by TAG should be when they bring it to school...

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