Answer this for points!!?

Question:Either the first,second or third persson will get the points determening on who answers this question best!!

I will answer this! right away ma'am!
can't really do much, just try and talking to him more, he is being peer pressured by his friends to much and just like you said..that doesn't seem like the person he is. you need to help break him out of the bad shell. good luck. :)
I get 2 points just for putting this answer...thanks!
I would like to get some points, but I don't know what the question is.
girl u got to get a reality check. do u think u would hve a great time with someone who hates u and does drugs. U could get in a lot of trouble and if u ask him out he could be using u because he does drugs so cops could be chasing then he could say u were the one gave it to him but if i were u go for a good guy.

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