A question for the new school year?

Question:Academic expectations: How can we communicate our high academic expectations to our children without stressing them out?

Hi Lyn,
Perfect question.

My son has been asking for a Wii game system and is the only boy in his class w/o a video game of any kind. So we have decided to buy it after one month of 1st grade. If he reaches the reading level set by his teacher, we will get it.

Before I agreed to get it, we went over the school calendar together. I showed him the fundraisers, the events, and the class list from his teacher - so he would see what is expected of him this year. We both agreed the Wii would be used in his spare time and only when he meets his class goals and has notes for good behavior.

He knows it's the first thing to go if homework is not finished. It's the first thing to go if he puts off his reading/assignments.

It's a reward for getting his work completed during his after-school hours (latchkey) 30 minutes.
It's a reward for getting his home work done while I make dinner - 30 minutes.
It's a reward on the weekends for keeping up with his assignments during the week, and having good reports from his teacher - unlimited.

So far, so good. He stuck with his reading and penmanship throughout the summer and has his first day of school today. He is excited and motivated to start his new class and earn his right to have the Wii and go with me and pick it out.
Last year I made the honor roll and I just studied for tests and took good notes. I don't think school is that hard.

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