About how many words are contained in a ten page double spaced paper with a one inch margin?

about 2500
depends on whether or not words are short or long. Usually, microsoft works and word have word counters that tell you how many words you have.
Yes, your word processor should have a tool that will tell you how many words there are. If you are in Word (or a very similar program), Go to TOOLS and then WORD COUNT.

Word should be able to tell you this. If you highlight the document and then some where in the same section as spelling or document info you should be able to pull up a word count.

I have the new Word 2007, and it will just list it at the bottom of the page, and I can't remember exactly where to go on the older Word program. But I know the function is there 'cause I used to use it all the time.

If anything, ask the help paper clip (or whatever yours is) and it might be able to tell you. I agree, that's a lot of words to count!

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