Any tips on how to improve your grades and become a better student?

Question:(High School)

Hey, how are you!!?!? I'm in high school, too (Sophomore) so I can understand where you're coming from. The key thing that you should ultimately keep in mind are your priorities. Constantly ask yourself what is most important. Also, stay focused primarily on your schoolwork. Don't get too caught up in the drama and gossip that constantly comes up and does nothing but distract you.
Last but not NOT overwhelm yourself! Be aware of the difference between putting forth a great effort and overworking yourself. Take a break in between those lengthy and complicated projects that teachers love to assign you!
My civics teacher gave me the best advice I ever received and it got me through college and am confident it will get me through law school: "Don't get too high and don't get too low, just try your best at everything." So as long as you try your best and study hard, that's ultimately all that matters and your grades will improve and when you're doing well, just remember you still have to work to keep doing well.

Don't worry about all the drama. Once you get out of school you will realize how stupid all the drama was anyhow LOL

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