Am I Stupid?

Question:I am failing all my practical classes in high school and i try my hardest in every classes and yet i am failing. I am a freshman

no. Try to find a tutor and try harder. Focus everything on your work first
no youre not dumb...just get a tutor
you are not stupid but you should propably get a tutor i needed one to catch up because we were moving too quickly it really helped i get a's and b's now
That is your fault!!
Dude you are deff not stupid at all i went through the same thing u should ask for some extra help or see if you can get special ed testing i kno it sounds bad but it aint i mean i wish i would have done it
Yeah you're f*cking retarded.
No, you are not stupid. Sometimes it's hard for some teens to do well in school because the jump to being a freshman after junior high is very hard to adjust to. I got all C's in my classes when I was a freshman, and I started doing better as I progressed to upperclassman. Once I was a senior, I graduated with a 4.0.

If you feel you are not doing the best you can, seek help from a teacher. Do you have any teachers that you can go to help for if you need it? When I moved from special-ed to normal-ed classes I had a teacher consultant who I used to go to for help, and as I got into my senior year, I rarely used her assistance anymore.

Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it; that's what teachers are there for!

Good luck.
no ur not syupid jus try your best in evrything and dont give up
no you just need a tutor to help you understand these things alittle better.
well i want to say yes, :-)
just ask for help form an other, tutor, student , friend...
What sort of practicals? are we talking dissection/ carpentry/ music? or is practical the US way of saying essays?
If it is real practical then I'm afraid more practice is the only answer.
The key to high grades is addressing every single point, expectation that the teacher wants from you.

One of the most important words a professor once gave to me was, "If you are afraid to ask, you are afraid to learn" (Cees Van Putten) So ask what the teacher wants from you.

Make sure everything in your workbook is neat with straight margins (use a ruler for goodness sakes)

If you are refering to science pracs:
make sure you have the following:

AIM: (why are you doing the experiment? )
METHOD: (how did you do it?)
CONCLUSION: (How did this experiment solve the question in aim)

Make sure all drawings are in pencil
use a ruler for lines
have headings for everything

to draw a graph use pencil
name the x and y axes (ie. temperature, number of jumps, rate of heat beat, blood pressure etc)
use graph paper
remember to use a ruler
dont dot the plots with huge plots
thats how some people start out just keep on studying if that don't work get a tutor to guide you don't ever are don't let know one call you stupid just say you could do it

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