~~~Why is high school about popularity so much?~~~?

Question:People are always so cliquey and trying out for sports and hanging out in big groups at lunch and being like OMG. I have 3 more years hanging around these dramatic people in high school. Will it ever get better? I feel like I'm so different from others in some ways...I don't care about popularity and stuff...the ones who DO care about it are the respected ones though. Why's it so twisted?

Because they don't realize what is important and what is not. Popularity goes, learning stays with you. Don't worry about it. Be a Geek, it's ok. You'll go far and in 3 years it'll all be behind you. Just be a good friend to all, don't bad-mouth people and hang in there . Good Luck. Maybe you'll be President someday.
it just is
Don't worry about those people, they are fake and when they graduate they will become fat losers and you'll always be better than them.
im the same way me and my friends are against stereotyping because its so stupid just to classify people, they do that to feel good about themselves, but its aslong as u kno u dont need to be popular to suceed school is for learning not a popularity contest.
Most of it is because everyone is insecure with the people that they are growing up to be so they feel like they need to latch onto something, a group or a label to intentify themselves. It will get better when you go to college or when you break the barriers yourself and decide which people from all groups you want to be friends which.
Presentation is paramount, and currently High School presentation is all about Pzazz shall we say.
The Popularity Label Parade.

Dont worry, their associations will help open doors for them initially, but the brain power and hard work youre doing with put you in better long term position.

So tiring tho isnt, pretending to be vacuous.
Well if you think about life in general can be one big ppulariy contest. they think in order to survive they have to do everything everyone else is doing. I dont think too many people will ever know why highschool is so twisted. Its just another lesson in life we have to learn and get through....People say that highschool is alot better when you get older, cuz of the freedom the teachers give us. I am so looking forward to being upperclassmen because I always hear that these are gonna be some of the best four years of my life. Dont worry, it seems like you have a good head on your shoulders, just be yourself and dont give in to the cliques, I think you'l do great in highschool. You'll survive it! :)
because they dont understand they're amatures!!
Well, I also don't care about popularity and stuff like that. For me, the one who tries to be popular was actually a lonely person. Maybe, they don't have enough attention from their parent, friends or even teacher. Some will try to be bad kids so that they can can attention from their parents. But some dislike that way. Some people kinda loves hanging out in a big group at lunch so that they can get attention maybe.
The same reason as when you are an adult and you have to deal in other ways...like politics. What you are dealing with is in a sense "playing politics" the same way as when you are an adult. Everything you do in life is political, or a means of acceptance by your surroundings. It basically boils down to how many people you can get to have the same agenda, beliefs, or interests as yourself. It can be a nasty world and sometimes (or most of the time) you just have to play the game.
Teen years are or should be Memorable and most people want to be remembered by going out with a bang.

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