Are you as proud of your children's GCSE results as I am of my son?

i would be proud of my son no matter least he gave them his best shot.
even if the grades are not what were expected there is no such thing as a closed door.the world is opening up to him...i hope he makes the best of it.

*you can stop grinning now...your teeth are dazzling me lol :D
Yes it's great that they all got A's wasn't it. Now what can we do with all these geniuses ?
my mum was so proud of me, even though i didnt do as well as i hoped in sociology (dropped 2 grades, from an A*-B) and english (dropped a grade, from an A-B). i didnt do as well as other people did, but she was still happy for me because she is my mum.
I am simply proud of my children and who they are. Their grades don't make me proud - they do as people.
PROUD yes i am proud of my children as a mentor any young person achieving any thing i am proud my believe is i let my children decide what they want to do if they don't wish to learn that is there prerogative but they understand if they fail it will effect them later in life money wise and fulfilment of aims and goals they done very well 3 As 7Bs but i look at their happiness in there hearts they can learn have top marks but security and a good up bringing is the main wealth in life to understand life help people and feel content and relaxed people may call me for my attitude but what the hell it has worked Dave
P.S at least they don't drink, take drugs, bully so that is my joy

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