Any Ideas!?!?

Question:hey people!
i want to know if a 15yr old girl can get a part time job that involves anything to do with first aid! does any1 have any ideas?

Go voluntary with St Andrews Red Cross. You don't get paid but get to lots of sports and show events free! Alternatively get school to find you a work placement in a doctors' or hospital. Study the first aid book (library or bookshop) to get knowledge for a future interview if your getting a medical job in the future. Good luck! DB
st johns ambulance,salvation army
What about joining the St Johns Ambulance Brigade?
Volunteer for The Red Cross.
private institutions. also it depends what state you are in.
well fink is spent think for a start, your not going anywhere if you cant spell..try the red cross...
How about trying to be a lifeguard.or maybe just get a job in the local child care center of the YMCA or YWCA. Those people always need to have first aid certification.

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