Anybody know of any books on being an EMT?

Question:I am going into 9th grade and I want to be an EMT. I want to learn all I can about it before I get out of High school. Do you have any suggestions?

Not sure what books you can get, unless you want to look at a text book. Those can be pretty expensive though. Have you tried searching

If you can get the Discovery Health Channel, I suggest watching a show called "Paramedics" (I guess it still comes on, unfortunately I don't get the channel). It can be rather graphic, but it does follow real life Paramedics around on their jobs and can give you an idea about the kind of stuff you will encounter (not only when it comes to blood and stuff, but also the types of people you will have to deal with).
whats EMT?
Check with your local Community College. Colleges usually offer EMT courses, and will have textbooks you can look at in the library, and some will let you check them out.

You can also talk with the local Red Cross chapter, who have courses for First Responders.
I don't think you need a book. Just look these soures I listed below. From what I just read, training and certification varies by states. There is so much information online. Start w/ On wiki there are many links to professional emt organizations. Good luck.
I have been a EMT for five years, working for the local ambulance firm. When you sign up for the course, you will get a textbook, that tells you all about being a EMT.
Usually a ambulance firm or Red Cross sponsors the training. I had to take training for six months, and then had to pass the State Board test. By the time I took my State Board test, I had already ridden in a ambulance four or five times, as a class member, and had learned a lot of first hand experience.
You have to be at least 18 to take your training, so you will have a few years to read up on it.
About the only thing you have to be concerned about is, you should NOT be afraid of the sight of blood, because you will see a lot of blood.
I worked five years as a certified EMT, and worked on 115 "runs" in the ambulance. I helped save at least 8 lives that I know of, and one thing I'm very proud of is.I DID NOT lose a single patient, while I was on duty. It is a very rewarding profession, but you have to have a very strong back, as it will give out on you, helping to lift heavy patients. Thats what happened to me, I couldn't lift anymore. Good luck.
EMT's must take a certificate program, often local universities will hold the classes on nights and weekends. You can probably take the class when you are 17, but likely you will be unable to take your State Board's until you are 18.

For now consider volunteering at a local hospital, you won't see much action but it will atleast give you some exposure to emergency situations. Also take a first aid class, contact your town to see if they have free first aid/CPR classes offered. Take as many of these type classes as you can over the next few years.

Also if you are required to do a Science Fair experiment for your science course consider involving medicine into the experiment this will increase your exposure to medicine.

This is a good website for you EMS Central -


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