Any suggestions on a career for me?

Question:Anything at all would be appreciated. You could tell me what you or someone you know does and how much income that brings in, how much college they had to take, etc. I need to get a career that can comfortably support my young son and I.

Thank you!

Personally I'd go with the IT career field. Getting your foot in the door typically isn't all that hard. Usually you'll start out in a helpdesk environment and you can work yourself up. Education in IT isn't really based on academic accomplishments, but rather experience gained from the workplace and the certifications you get (A+, Net+, CCNA). Most major companies would gladly exchange years of college for years of hands on experience. As for the pay; the skies the limit on IT.
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It is good you are looking at a career.
PL review your capabilities and the time you have at hand. Also indicate your qualifications then rephrase your question. Perhaps you can get better quality responses
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hey pick a job tha you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. pick sumthin that u r gud at

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