Any good school tips?

Question:im your basic punk underacheaver.i fail everything except music and english. my problem is im going into 8th grade and need to prepare for high school and next summer i have drivers ed and you need to at least have a "C" in every class to go. and im really scared tht i will fail...ive honestly never gotten an "A" on my report card other then music. my highest grade was a "B" in english other then tht i fail EVERYTHING even gym and health pathetic i know but if anyone has any good tips tht would help im good with tht lol

Don't think so low of yourself.
MAKE yourself focus on your grades. It'll be hard, but it will pay off.
Trust me.
Have high ambitions, and show your teachers that you WANT to improve. Even ask for their help, or advice.

=) Best of luck to you.

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