A level options?

Question:I have chosen Geography, 20th Century History, Economics and Philosophy. Also doing Critical Thinking. Good options? Also i've heard that an A* at GCSE is a good sign at an A in A level?

Good range of options.. you have certainly left your options open for university choices.
As for A* = an A at A'level that is not necessarily true. A'levels and GCSE are completely differen. At A'level it is more down to the natural ability and determination of the pupil. At GCSE you were given all the information you needed to get an A*, at A'level you need to do extra background reading to support your learning in class, as examiners are looking for sophisiticated answers that show a higher level of thinking.
Having said that, to get an A* you have obviously worked hard and that will put you in good stead for the course ahead!
Good Luck!
Good choices - I would say this as I am a History teacher! I must however say that A*s at GCSE does not mean you will get straight As in your A levels.There is a massive jump in difficulty and work load from GCSE to A level - do ot be complacent - it is going to be hard work! Best of luck for the next 2 years.
A* is a good sign, but also you need to do things you enjoy, if you enjoy something you are likely to put more effort into it. Enjoy your A levels it can eb a real fun time of your life!
Yes I have also chosen Geography for my A Level Options, sounds like a good and broad choice, which is what I have also tried to do. Good Luck for the future!
Experience tells me that while an A* can be a good sign it doesn't automatically mean you'll do well. For example, my friend got A*s in her English lang and lit GCSEs - and a C at A level. While I got As in my GCSEs, and a B at A level. As to whether they're good options, depends what you want to do at university.
GCSE grades mean F.A when it comes to your A-level results to be honest. Don't be complacement, your A* doesn't mean jack, your just as likely to get a U as an A, you will have to work. Howver that said if you go in fully prepared to work then an A could be acchieved easily, howver don't think your A* is even a slight indicator of your A-level grade.

Sound good choices, you have 3 real A-levels there so thats ok*. Obviously without you saying what you want to do I can't asvice if they're good choices really, for study of politics or economics they're good choices, for study of physics not so.

*that was meant jokingly, in case your one of those easily offended types

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