Are school boards right to regulate online bullying?

Question:What do you think?

if you are talking about student making fun of other student on myspace for example writting blog about students they hate and would not quit than the answer is yes because a lot of high school have those cyber bullying wen a girl in Novato, Califorina in Marine county near san francisco. had to change school 4 times a already because her mother said I am changing you to anoher school because other students are making fun of you and so, when those student who was making fun of her knew she was moving to a new school they started to tell other students on myspace that you got a new stupid student moving to your high school. so the why the school board are working on stopping hte cyber bullyng because it is just too much trouble and it really hurt.
Only if it is done with the school computers.

Otherwise it is technically outside of their pervue and is the subject of civil suit.
I don't know if it's "right" for them to do so, but I do think it's a good idea...if not school boards, then at least the schools themselves.

Whatever goes on online in terms of bullying or harrassment will often stem from what happens in the school. Also, when the bullying finally escalates and takes the form of something physical, where is it probably going to occur? In the schools, of course.
Only if it is done through the use of school computers. School Boards like other government officials tend to try and over extend their reach into the private lives of citizens.
Yes, but only if it relates to school activities. Otherwise they would be headed for legal problems. For instance, what if someone came on here asking if church boards are right to regulate online bullying?

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