Am I taking too many classes?

Question:I'm registering for the fall quarter at Olympic College and I'm afraid that Eng 102, Sociology 101, and Inorganic Chemistry are too much of a load for someone still working! Am I doing the right thing or am I setting myself up for failure? Maybe thats a little extreme, but a C in Chemistry would not look good to a prospective nursing school! I'm going to be working (nursing assistant) part time for no more than 20 hours/week, maybe I should do less but i have bills! Suggestions please!?

If you can properly balance your free time not working between the three classes, you should be okay. Lots of people work and go to school full and part time, it's just a matter of learning to use your free time constructivelyand applying yourself to get your work done. If it get's to be too much, get a tutor, or withdrawl from a class, and take it either online, over break, or next semester, whenever you can fit it in.

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