Any suggestions for these classes? (listed inside)?

Question:okay so im going to be a junior, im hoping to graduate with enough college credits to get my associates degree and these are the classes im taking for this semester.

ap us history
slcc(salt lake community college) bio 1110
english 11
slcc biotech 1010
inter. algebra
slcc art 1020
slcc cis 1020

have any of you taken those kinds of classes.. i know they wont have the same curriculum everywhere but anyways school starts in a week and i would appreciate any suggestions for these peticular classes.. tips on studying, what to pay extra attention to ect. thanks everyone

btw my birthday's today .. wooh! lol

oh ps, sorry about the spelling.

well the only one that I can tell you about is AP US history. Its pretty tough. The only thing we did in that class was take tests, no classwork, and like 2 projects the whole year. It is very detailed and the book chapters were very long and hard to understand. but i managed to pass with a B-, but it took a lot of effort. If you're not lazy or a slacker, go ahead, reach for your dreams...

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