8th hrade school supplies?

Question:I need a list of 8th grade school supplies, thanks!!

You should get a list from your school but if you dont then heres what you are going to need.
-Binders for each course [For math you can get the five star it may be helpfull]
-Pencils (about 20 of them)
-calculator for math (one of them)
-coloring crayons (A pack for art)
-Dividers (three/two packs)
-Erasers (White they work much better.. get about six of them)
-Geometry set (one)
- white paper (one pack)
-line paper (two packs)
-pencil sharpener (one)
-high lighters (about four/five)
-a locker for your lock (one)
-Scissors ( dont use them much)(one)
-Gym shoes(one)
-gym shorts and t-shirt(get a pair of both.. or you can order it off your school)
-Ruler (one)
-Pencil holder (one)
-pens (six)
And thats about all your going to need for the year.. hope this helped.
Good Luck

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