Advice for a Junior student Math LD/Math phobic?

Question:How can I put this in a very short note.Since I don't have much time online.

Tomorrow school begins I'll be a junior in high school.i have Physical science,algebra 2 and intensive math all in one day.i have a severe math phobia/LD.
My old school passed me on algebra 1 without me learning anything and that school had poor teaching skills.
Although,I'm a good student.I fail to comprehend on math even basic elementary arithmetic. Please,I'm very nervous any advice on the first day of school.I'm asure to focus a lot i have so much more to say but I must go,

Take care.Thanks in adavance

Oh my. I'm so sorry you're in such a predicament. Try searching for some online sites that help with math. There are some good freeware programs out there as well. And some forums to discuss math problems and concepts. If you don't have basic elementary stuff down you might want to study up on it - think fast 3X9. Another good idea would be to talk to your parents and teachers for extra help outside of class. Also, if you ever need any help at all I would be glad for you to email me and I will be glad to help one on one whenever you need it.
If you have passed a class without learning what is in it from a different school, then you should let your teacher know about it. The teacher will know to watch your skills more closely and see if you might need tutoring. If you have math LD, you should have special education support. If you don't, ask the school to start the paperwork to get it for you. If you are nervous because your earlier teachers didn't help you learn, and the new class seems so hard, then you may just need tutoring or to take Algebra 1 again, even though you have a passing grade already on your transcript. Talk to your math teacher, and the school counselor.

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