7th grade math?

Question:ok i get up in math and i seen on my secdule that i have 2 math classes 1 that i get help with and the regular 7th grade math

what is 7th grade math like im kinda afraid i wont know any of it and some 1 help me ahhh!

It is really easy
I know people in remedial math that did better than the kids in the regular classes
Algebra 1 right?
7th grade math is pretty simple. It'll be even easier for you since you have a tutoring class. Just make sure to always do your homework because usually math tests have questions that look exactly like the homework. Don't be intimidated by your class. Take it on with confidence. Good Luck !
dont worry it is super easy
i started learning 7th grade math in 3rd grade
my mom teaches 7th grade math so i have her book right here...some of the topics covered are:
proportions & ratios
basic geometry
and a little bit of applying these concepts to basic algebra, so in general its pretty basic
Average 7th grade students will learn about basic algebra, but reviews some advanced arithmetic, such as fundamental theorem of arithmetic, for example. You'll learn some geometry, as well some introduction to trignometry.
www.mymathforum.com is a good website for mathematics. You can post stuff in the forum, and people will reply back to you anytime. Please join it. Oh, and by the way... let me know by sending me a private message in the forum if you've joined the forum. My name in that forum is johnny.

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