Are there any tricks to of how to open a locker faster?

Question:I am in middle school right now, I can open my locker, but are there any tricks to open it faster. The locks are built in the door and are not normal they are wobbly and the numbers are 0-50. I know one trick that to stick a roll a pice of paper and put in in the hook inside the locker, but everybody does it at my school and they are not allowed because the teachers also know.

So I want tricks that are easy, not obvious, fast, allowable, and that works for all lockers.

my schools lockers were so old all you had to do was pull up on the handle hard enough and any one would open. You could give that a try. All lockers are differnet though so the only result you might get is a hurt hand from pulling too hard on the handle.
c-4 will do it pretty fast
I would practice and then you will get quick. Make sure you always spin the locker after you leave it because kids will steal your books and you will ahve to pay from them.

BUT. If you don't spin the dial then you should be able to unlock it with out even putting in a code. I would not so it though. Or just carry them with you.

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