After doing all the studying for a test, what are some good strategies to help you do better on a test?

Have a good nutritious meal the night before the test ( Or if the test is in the evening, have a super good lunch or breakfast. ( But not within 3 hours of the test) Have a quiet night before which will allow you to sleep well. In other words, dont go to a party or have a lot of stimulation. Watch a tv show or something to relax . I never liked the idea of reviewing right before the test since sometimes it gets confusing and makes one anxious.
First , quickly scan the entire test so you know how many questions there are, and you'll know the average time ou can spend on each question.
For a multiple choice test, go through and answer all the easy questions first. Then go back to the harder ones. On the hard ones, you can always eliminate one or two choices, improving the odds that you'll guess right. Also, if you're unsure of an answer, the choices with exclusive terms (all, none, never, always, etc.) is usually wrong.

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