A good workbook?

Question:I am going in to middle school and I need a good workbook. {my parents keep on telling me to study,} So recommend something 4 me plz! thnks.

Target offers a good workbook designed to help you study effectively. It costs $25.

The web site given below has a lot of good, free information on "how to study." (I thought at first that their learning categories were not coming up on the screen but discovered, after clicking on the next point, that although the home page appears again you just need to scroll down and you will find the information.) This seemed to me to be an outstanding site and I would try it first before spending $25 for a workbook.

I found that taking notes during class and then reviewing them that evening while the material was fresh in my mind was very effective. I typed key points onto one side of an index card and a related question on the other side. I reviewed the cards until I had mastered the material. People learn in different ways but you may want to try my system. I finished high school with a 4.00 average and college with a 3.94 average.


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