2 months my final exam will come! What should I do?

Question:I do not have many of reference book but I set up my target to get past the exam because if anyones whose fell will put into an average class!!

don't be too ignorant and study hard...

you don't have any reference books but you can always visit the library to search for some answers to your question

If you are eager to keep up with your class, do what you gotta do...

You have no reason to get failing grades in the examinations if you study hard, right?
Go to the library and study!
2 months is more than enough time, but that doesn't mean you should procrastinate. study your class notes or borrow some from your classmates. form a study group of 3-4 people because research shows you remember more when you study in groups. study a little bit rigorouly each day until two weeks before the exam, when you should review it all over and over. make flash cards and practice problems. give yourself a break here and there though. ask for extra help from you teacher. if there was anything you didn't understand before or missed on a test, chances are you'll miss it again unless you work at it. good luck

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