Are the "Mayors" in Spanish for people that they first language is Spanish?

Question:I want to be a High School Spanish Teacher, my first language is Spanish... I want to know if classes in US colleges are directed to people who wants to learn spanish or if they will be good for me since that's my first language? What study path should I take?

I'm wondering if you mean "majors"...

The vast majority of undergraduate Spanish programs are directed at people whose first language is NOT Spanish. They are usually monolingual speakers that want to learn other languages. Many people will have taken Spanish in high school, but usually they are still at the elementary level when they reach college. Of course it depends on what region you are in the country, but at my university, of probably about 80 Spanish majors/minors, we had about 3 native speakers.

Usually native and heritage or other advanced speakers of a language take examinations such as the CLEP or AP and receive credit for the elementary and intermediate levels. Therefore in the 300-level courses, everyone is together. Like any other subject, not everyone will advance at the same level.
You have an advantage on everyone if Spanish is your native language. The literature texts should be much easier for you as the knowledge of vocabulary and of course the culture. However, try not to become impatient with everyone else as they are learning Spanish for their 2nd language. Many students will also not have experience abroad to sharpen and really practice their abilities. However, they will look at you as an expert, and will ask you lots of questions because you and the instructor will be the closest that many students have to hearing native, fluent Spanish.

As long you meet the certification standards for your state, you would be the ideal candidate for many school districts looking for a Spanish teacher. You may even teach a class that teaches Spanish for Spanish speakers. As you probably already know, being a speaker of a language doesn't mean that you can speak and write it grammatically correct. I wouldn't have a clue on how to teach English grammar.

Que escoge lo mejor para tu carrera.

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