9th grade GPA, does it really matters?

Question:Well i am in 10th grade right now, my 9th grade gpa is really low because obviously i messed up my own life. i just wated to know if they really look at grade 9, what if i worked really hard in grade 10 and make a tremendous change of grades? Do (the college) they look at effort? If i retake most of my "D's" class will they replace the grade, and the college people won't see my D's? i really need help, i am really desperate right now...

Colleges will see your grades from 9th grade...BUT if you pull your grades up in later years, they will also see that. Colleges do take into consideration that adjustment to high school can be difficult sometimes.

I'm not sure what the policies about retaking classes and replacing grades is at your high school. You should talk to your counselor.

Read the GPA requirements for the schools you are most likely to apply to. Mostly likely, they will have something like what I just wrote on the admissions standards.

My son did the same thing and he pulled his grades up his junior year.
I don't know what your school's policy is on retaking classes. At my school, you can only retake a class if you failed, and only one or two (otherwise, you'll be behind for graduation).
In any case, your transcripts will show that the class was taken twice, even though there's only one (better?) grade for it.

Your GPA does matter. But if you work hard to pull up your grades, and *MAINTAIN* them, your ninth grade scores won't reflect as poorly. If you consistently get A's and B's from here on out, college admissions won't "see" your D's as much.

Be sure to stay on top of your classes, talk to your teachers and make sure they know you're trying to make a major change. Encourage your teachers to push you. Expect the best out of yourself. Effort = Success.

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