Any1 knows how to send a fax?

Yeah, you put the piece of paper in the machine, just sort of sticking in there, you type the phone number (fax number) of the person you're trying to send it to, you then push the FAX or SEND button. Fax machines are all different, but that's the gist. Easy as 123.
yes, usually insert document face down, dial the number, press send
yes, thanks
yes you need a fax machine and who ever your sending the papers to fax's number. Depending on the fax machine you may have to fax them face down or face up. You may have to dial 9 first and then the fax number if the fax is not local you may have to dial the area code also. Then just press fax, the machine will scan your papers and send copies of your papers to the other parties fax machine and you fax machine should tell you if the fax was sent successfully or not!
Insert copy face down, dial the number, press the "Send" key. If all else fails.. read the directions.
use a fax machine
21st Century here guys could we ask some sensible questions..Refer to your manual for this one or call your office phone person who handles these equipments..
Baby, just take it to Kinkos. If you can't send it yourself in this day and age when faxes are almost obsolete, then just don't bother learning.
Put your paper up side down ,then take the tel. no. then when you hear the fax beep ,you should push Start key-usualy the green buttom.

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