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Question:How many people out there think that schools would be better off with Uniforms? I mean It would save money and all. But it would also put down Self Expression. What does any one think?

It could be good or bad. It could be good because nobody could tell anyone they don't like what they are wearing, because everyone is wearing the same thing.
On the other hand, it wouldn't be good because everyone would look the same, and they wouldn't be able to wear what they wanted.
Uniforms are great, it cut down on teasing and you're right it does saves money.
Im not in school im in college.. but i think its crazy to make kids wear uniforms.. we didnt have too.. so why should they.. these kids running around with their pant falling off should be told to wear a belt but it doesnt hurt anything.
uniforms wouldn't save money at all because the school will have to buy them. and replace them throughout the years.
I think uniforms woulda been good for my high school. Although I liked the idea that I could wear anything I wanted but in a way I kinda felt that uniforms woulda been better b ecause you didnt have to worry about what you wanted towear that day or if you didnt have the clothes but thats just my opinion!
I think uniforms are good idea. That way people would be appreciated by what they have done and doing, not just how do they look. Self expression is a problem but it can also be solved by picking certain music or make up.
uniforms would be great I'm starting high school and i think it would be great. it would save money and kids will not be pressured to buy the "coolest" clothes.
yea i agree with that... then kids wouldnt have to worry about buying the new trendy clothing...everyone will be dressed the same and wont be made fun of just because of the type of clothing ur wearing
i don't think there should be school uniforms but it would be a good idea so you wouldn't have to worry about what's popular and what's not!but uniforms are always so ugly!but people couldn't make fun of each others clothes.

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