9th Grade Classes?

Question:What are some good classes to take in the freshman year? So far I have:

English, Biology, Spanish, AP Human Geography, PE, and Algebra 2.

Is that good enough?

I'm just going into 9th grade also, so I might not be a big help, but I know high school is really about head-starting your future, so think about what you want to do with your life, or things that you really enjoy, and find classes to match.
well those are just your cores you might need some electives. when i was a freshman for my electives i took basic electricity, freshman orch, and health I. im going into 10th grade now and for my electives ill be taking parenting, human relations, business management (i have to do that one) Spanish III, and symphonic orch.
Those are pretty good courses to take. What is your school offering? Check and see if there are any other classes to take.

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