7th grade school supplies list?

6 - two pocket folders (1 is recommended for every subject)
10 – blue or black ball point pens
5 – red ball point pens
2 – wide lined spiral notebook for each class (may need to re-stock at semester)
1 -3 subject notebooks with perforated pages
1 – box fine-tipped colored markers
10 - #2 pencils and erasers
1 – boxes of Kleenex
1 –box colored pencils
1 pkg – loose leaf paper (wide lined)
1 – 12” ruler (metric & English units)
2 – protractors (one for home, one for school)
1 – hi-liter marker
1 – scientific calculator (preferably Texas Instrument TI-30 or TI-34)
1 – compass
3 – glue sticks
1 – scissor
1 - roll paper towels
1 - hand held pencil sharpener

this is just a basic list, i'm sure the teachers will have other things that they require
its different in every school.
go to a walmart near by your town..and they will have a list
yeah every school has a different list
Pencil Crayons (geography class)

Most of the supplies should be provided by the school.
ok im going to 8th grade so i know what we had to bring for 7th grade. anyway yyou have to keep in mind that i probably go to a diffrent school and so nothings for sure. your basic supplies are black and blue pens, lead pencils, um, like a bunch of notebooks. and thats pretty much it. Dont worry though on the first day or so of school they usually give you a supply list for each class that you have. Goood Luck. :)

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