After getting a degree in accounting in NY state, can I go anywhere in the US, or is it different by state?

Question:For example, some professions require you to take different exams if you move to a different state. Is accounting one of those professions, or can I go anywhere in the country with the degree?

Your degree is valid in all states as it is part of your educational process.

If you we're to obtained a CPA for instance it depends in which state your practice.
A degree is a degree anywhere. A company that hires you may require you to take another course that fits more into the description of their company (and they usually pay for it too), but you can go anywhere with a degree.
you can go anywhere in the US as long as you have the requirements that they require and a degree of course..i learned this from friends in the accounting and business field so yeah i know a thing or two about this matter..if i were you i would still double check just in case they have some new laws/rules that require you to maybe have some extra things here and there
It depends on accrediation, if you go to an accredited school which are usally not-for-profit (For example a SUNY School, CUNY School or a private university like Union, Cornell, Hartwick or Hofstra) then you should not have a problem. If, however, you got your degree from a college that is a for-profit school (Bryant and Stratton, Devry, Gibs, or any og them) certain companies, or grad schools if you plan on going to them, will not accept those credits and will make you get your degree all over again.

Also keep in mind that it also depends on what degree you have. If you get an associates in Accounting, then chances are you are going to have to get further education if you want to be a CPA. Then if thats the case, it once again depends on not-for-profit to for-profit.

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