Any adults going back to college this semester? Advice?

Question:I went back to classes last fall after a four year break and my class for this semester is supposed to start tonight. All of the sudden I'm so scared and nervous about going back again. The last two semesters I was okay but lately I've just had so many doubts about continuing. Right now I'm just going for an associate's degree but there isn't really anything I can do with an AA that I'm not already doing full time during the day. I'm already in a job that pays more than most positions with an AA and most likely I will never have the opportunity (or money) to go for my BA. I love classes, I love learning, and I'm a good student but I feel like I'm wasting my time and money. With working full-time, I can only take two classes a semester and at this rate with just a liberal AA, I won't even graduate until winter 2009. If I go for something specific, like acounting, it will be winter 2010! I guess I feel so discouraged. Any other returning adult students feel the same? What do you do?

I understand your feeling of doubt right now, but let me enlighten you with some facts about degrees and how they can advance your career. While you are probably making a very good salary right now, research shows that those with advanced degrees make 10-15% more over a lifetime. While your income may be higher than some at your current place of employment, at some point, you will hit a glass ceiling - the point where you maximize your earning potential. That AAS degree may be the difference in whether or not you can even apply for a higher level position.

That AAS degree, combined with good grades, may even qualify you for a full tuition scholarship at a university to complete your final two years. Many universities offer tution waivers to community college graduates because research also has proven that students who begin their educational career at the CC are more successful in completing the bachelor's degree.

Do not be discouraged. Your efforts will pay off and your persistence will be rewarded. Be encouraged! Find other adults like you who are returning to school and form a study group. It is a proven fact that students that participate in learning communities are more successful. This helps those to encourage one another.

Don't give up. Look at how much you have already accomplished. The best is yet to come.

Good luck
I was in the same boat! What kept me going was my husband. He would tell me that in this world, no job is secure anymore. I have stuck with it for the past 6 years. and May 2008, I will have my BA. Even if I don't use it now, if something happens, I will always have it to fall back on. Since I was only taking a few classes at a time, I was able to pay as I went. Keep your chin up, and keep going. If you enjoy it, then it doesn't matter how long it takes!
Keep taking classes. 2009 and 2010 will get here whether you take them or not. You'll be more accomplished if you do.
I'm currently taking part time classes and going full time next semester. I feel like it's gonna take forever to get this associates degree. I say go and get your associates degree. At least you know you have it if you ever need it because you never know what can happen with the job market. So go, learn and enjoy. Good Luck!

P.S. Get your sleep!!

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