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Question:u know some forwaded mails that u get in your inbox. your friends realtives etc send them 2 u. they get it from the friends etc the same is followed. but from where does it come from? is there any website where i can download or something like that and then start sending such mails to people??
plz help !

People find those sorts of things from a variety of different places, by searching the internet, or by reading it in a magazine and typing it up.
There isn't really a website for this. People just start them.

Hope this helps.
I think the thing you're referring to is either chain e-mail or spam. No, I don't think there's a website that lets you start your own chain e-mails, but spam is all over the internet. I really don't understand why you'd want to forward email to the entirety of cyberspace.

But in case you're wondering, the people who start this buy information off of other websites. Then they cook up an email, and send it out to a bunch of people with a message at the bottom that says 'forward to a bunch of friends' or something of that nature.

Sometimes people start these things on their own and send them to their friends, who happen to think it's good enough to send it onward.

It's all about the content.

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