Anyone have any creative (but managable) science fair topics?

Question:I need to start thinking about my project for this year, and I'm drawing a blank! Our projects have the typical science fair guidelines - you need to use the scientific method to research your topic (and include an experiment).

I would really appreciate ANYTHING you guys have - I want to avoid topics that are overused and unoriginal, but that's all I can think of. THANKS! =]

do something with Antimatter. That is pretty original and i am sure not over used. Maybe you could focus on how matter won the battle vs antimatter in the beggining of time.
Or what it would be capable of when used as fuel/energy.

If you win the peace prize you have to credit me with the idea tho.
go to the library and ask librarian for an older book on subject abed pick from there chances are it ha not been used good luck

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