Any test out there which gives me an idea of what kind of doctor i should be?

Question:I'm really confused right now on what specialty i should pursue in the medical field and i really would like to figure out if i could find a specialty in this field before taking this 10 year study.

Is there some kind of test out there (perferbly online) where it askes me questions like are you interested in blah? or do you find blah fun? or would you blah the blah and blah? and stuff like that which in the end tells me what specialty is best for me. Even an anwer like you should not even set your little toe inside this field would be good but i just need to know if this is the right thing for me and a test which i could take that could tell me the specialty best suited for me would be really helpful.

If you guys have questions of your own that would help me I wouldn't mind you asking including if you have experince in choosing a specialty.

well i started of as a nursery nurse then a waitress and then became a qualified carer. i think you need to ask your self what area you would find most enjoyable and forfilling to learn in. what sort of peoples person are you, which people do you find it easier to communicate with? this may help in finding a range in who you want to help be it children, disabled, elderly, young adults etc. right down the pros and cons of working in different areas and see which you have more pros with. i have now worked with elderly, young adults, disabled clients all of which i enjoy looking after but still aint found that one specfic group that i most enjoy. life is full of trail and error, you learn from mistakes made which will eventually push you onto the right path. good luck hope my wafferling helped a little :-)
tour a hospital and take MCAT what part of MCAT did you ecce ll in symantics is obviosly not mine

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