Admissions Essay?

Question:How do write one, like how do you start it off do introduce myself, like my name where im from & usually good at writing but im stuck here.

A lot of admissions essays give you a prompt such as "describe someone who has influenced your life in a significant way" or some BS like that, so you should check with the school you are applying to see if the essay has a prompt. But you may be applying to a school that leaves it much more opened ended, just "describe yourself". Either way, the key is to be yourself. You don't need to start off with an introduction such as "my name is ____." and a small introduction of yourself. If it is an open ended describe yourself sort of essay, the best thing to do is discuss one event or moment in your life that defines who you are. It can be good or bad, funny or sad, as long as it represents who you are. The key to answering open ended questions is to keep the "theme" cohesive. Don't ramble on and on about various fascets of your life or personality, stick to one story or event. This will make writing your essay easier and make it better to read. If you are stuck, just starting writing about yourself; write about your personality, your thoughts and emotions, and the events in your life. Just write and see what comes out and you'll probably be suprised at what you find. Chances are you'll stumble across the right topic for your essay.

Good luck and happy writing.
you really don't have to introduce yourself... I think the best college admissions essays are really a short story about one defining moment in your life. Mine was about when I went to a work camp and I described the way it affected me ( most of it is BS)... I would just come up with an experience that meant a lot to you and prove how it made you want to go to college and to appreciate what you have... as long as it's written well you'll be fine.
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hope it helped

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