Are you pleased with your A level results?

Question:If you did well does it open the door to what you want to do next? If you didn't do well - what's your next step?

oi dr j go jump off a cliff. ill agree some a levels are pointless but speaking as someone who has worked their backside off to get AABB in pure maths, physics, chemistry and computing the idea that all a levels are worthless because media studies and a few others are easier is frankly stupid.

and now onto the question. yes i am very happy with my results i didn't expect to get 2 As but because i got them in maths and physics it means i can not only go to my first choice university do do physics but also can apply for a bursary which will save me £500 a year so in short i am very pleased.
I was years ago
Yes! I got mine in the 70s when they were worth something!

Vonesheen...It is not media studies i am worried about it is maths and physics...most of what used to be in the old A-levels is not taught until the 1st year of a degree these days and sometimes not until the 2nd year....I used to teach Mathematics, but gave up in disgust a few years ago!
We didn't have such things back in my time, but then again, what does a god need with A levels.

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